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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A bunch O' Stuff

Hello again everyone just wanted to say a thank you too all of my Followers you guys rock!!!! Also i posted ALOT of pictures all of there except for the cats are taken in my friend Cherrys beautiful backyard you can visit her Photography, Graphics and Our clan blog (also Snowkit and Blossonclouds) at...
Photography: www.thecherryblossomphotography.blogspot.com
Graphics: www.cherrysgraphics.blogspot.com
Clan Blog: www.flamestarluv.blogspot.com
My Graphics blog: www.flamestormgraphics.blogspot.com
Also if you want to enter a PICTURE contest go to My Graphics blog for more INFO the pic can be anything by the way :) On my graphics blog you can get a free background that is customized and a blingee that is customized as well!!! For free and you could win a super customized background and interview/ advertisement You can do what you want with my pics by the way Print them, Look at them, and they are free !! I have said that soo many times! My photos are all edited on Picnik and are Again FREE hahaha! Other blogs to check out are www.questofawolf.blogspot.com
www.thegreatclan.blogspot.com and..
if you want me to advertise your blog Follow and comment on THIS post!
The Picture contest on my Graphics blog www.flamestormgraphics.blogspot.com the deadline is November 14th and you can again enter ANY pic! But it cant be inappropriate or insulting to ANYONE or it will be deleted and you will be REPORTED also i have copyright so if anyone claims my pictures as there own there blog/website/comment/email or ANYTHING that claims my post will be deleted and you will be PUNISHED somehow by www.freecopyright.com Get copyright for the safty of your pics/posts/ANYTHING that belongs to you online! Also I entered the NaNoWriMo writing thing starting Nov 1 it is a contest and you have 30 days to write 50,000 word novel if you win your novel will be PUBLISHED and you will become a rich and famous author! I will fair but its worth a try! go to nanowrimo.org to sign up!
Email me at megan.ellsmore@capeelizabethschools.com for questions, comments and concerns!! and also you can email me your pic contest picture form my graphics blog to me! and i will put it on mine :)
Also my background is a custom made by Cherry!! My Buddddddddddy

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