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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Dear Fellow Readers,
Well this morning i was going through in my mind what i am going to do today. 1. Upload all my pics to my blog 2. ask my dad how i am supposed to do that with an SD card (i know how it just wouldnt work) So my dad comes in and says "you better start packing Megan. We are leaving for Boston at 1:00" I totally forgot i was going to boston today to a hotel with an indoor waterpark and the next day going to my very first celtics game!! How does one forget that, i honestly dont know so.... another delay for the pics :( I am So sorry again for delaying the new pics. But along with the pics i upload will be pics from the Celtics game. I am gratful that my mom gave me my camera early for christmas because i wouldnt have half the pics if she didnt. Thank you so much Mommy ;) So all the pics will be uploaded as soon as i can. Im not going to give a certain date because ill end up letting you guys down again. :P I cannot wait to go to Boston though. All morning ive been running around the house packing I have to admit my suitcase is a little fat for just one day :P We are going in the car ride with my dads friend Mark and his 2/4 kids named Sophie and Max in there van. Unfortunatly his wife and other son Luke wont be coming. We havent seen them since summer so the first half hour is going to be awkward Lama hehe.
With Love,


  1. Have fun in Boston! I am going to NYC tomorrow to see my very first Uconn womens game. LOL!

  2. thanks!! I had a lot of fun the celtics won 99 to 88 :D