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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Dear Fellow Readers,
Its cold and wintery! Well winter has finally started, the days are shorter and colder, and Christmas music plays on the radio!! Sales at stores are going on big time and everyone is getting into the christmas spirit!! Cherry my BBB (best blogging Buddy) has offered to make me a CHRISTMAS WINTER BACKGROUND! What do you guys think? Should i take it!! I THINK YES!!! Prepare for the best most awesome wintery background ever! I deleted you graphics blog!! Im so sorry! But i didnt like my backgrounds :( YOU ALL HAVE little time to vote on the poll!! SLIDE SHOW is winning! Notice my title? Voice? Huh? Why? What? MY NEW BLOG! Cherry my BBB had a blog... called voice... that was bloggers against animal cruelty... and because she has to work on all of her other amazing blogs.... guess who the new admin is..... did you guess... YOU GUESSED RIGHT! ME! Go to voiceanimalcruelty.blogspot.com to view it! My header SUCKS on voice but it will have to do for now. Well French class and my teacher just yelled at me for "typing amazingly fast on whatever im doing" HATE HIM!
With Love,

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