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Friday, November 12, 2010


Hello friends,
I take much photography for one small blog! Where would we be if you were scrolling down for 3 hours trying to find the recent photography! So i thought of a few ideas to solve this small issue. I could easily solve this problem myself but i thought that my viewers opinion counts right? So i put together a poll (that you will find on the sidebar) and you can vote there which idea you think is best! Your opinion really matters to me so be honest! If the most voted idea does not work or look good on the blog i will do a re vote with everyone except for that one! Because i want you to be satisfied while viewing my photography!! Also if you think of any ideas at all i dont care if they are better or worse than the ones i had i would love to hear them!! You can email me at megan.ellsmore@capeelizabethschools.org the tell me your opinion!!!! Also *again* please be honest when you vote! And even if you dont like any of the ideas vote for the best and send me an email of something better! Please do give me your ideas!! You will get a special shout out for coming up with a good one! Also *another* special thanks to Cherry for sponsoring my give away on my graphics blog (click here) enter the picture contest and win a header, background or signature or a whole makeover! Enter today. Thank you so much Cherry for sponsoring!!! Also i recently added 3 column backgrounds to my blog!! If your blog is 3 column and you happened to like one of my backgrounds comment on my graphics blog (click here) to get one of them.

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